Philosophy – with Fr. Bede

by Christine on November 15, 2011

Scott’s 3rd class has come and gone quite quietly this time.  I suspect it is because this time around he didn’t return home with a list of 8 books to read & 20 pages of homework to write.

From my husband’s enthusiasm, Fr. Bede is a not only a great teacher but also a great inspiration!  So much so that Scott has asked him to be his spiritual adviser & Fr. Bede accepted.  How can I say this?  Scott was extremely excited!   Not only would Fr Bede would be his spiritual adviser, but by the same token he’d also be his confessor.


As for class notes, this time around Scott also took pictures of Fr. Bede’s notes that he wrote on larger tablets.  Here’s the link – however, I do think they’re interesting only if you’re interested in studying philosophy & theology.

Have fun & feel free to comment!

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