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by Christine on November 7, 2011

Méa Culpa..méa culpa!

Procrastination is not one of my flaws.  I’m usually a “get ‘er done” person.  My rule of thumb is to get it done right away.  What ever it is.  Somehow after Scott’s second class, things sort of happened and although posting was on my “to do” list,  I just never got to it.  Now I have 2 classes to post about!

Maybe because I was focused on everything that happened after his class (I’m referring to his October class).  Let’s see…

We were supposed to leave the next morning for Pittsburgh but we decided to put that off until Tuesday morning – So, off we went.. visited with the grand-kids in Canonsburg & then headed for Connecticut with a quick pit stop in New Jersey first.  We had puppies to deliver!   All 3 rescue Chorky puppies got excellent homes… one being with Scott’s daughter Amy.  Her & husband Shawn are so happy with their little Thor!  And we’re ecstatic that this little cutie was able to “stay in the family”

So we were gone for a long week & upon our return we had to get ready for our church’s “Fall Fest” Scott helped with a lot of the set up & was the unofficial official photographer for the event.  With help from my friend Laura (also an aspirants wife), she & I face painted all day – which led me to “Happy Cheeks Face Painting” (did you notice how I sneaked that in?)

Also, when we’re gone for a week, things at the office pile up and it takes me a while to catch up.  We were also hosting 4 young adults in our home for a few days & I needed to get the house prepped.

Fall Fest came & went & so did our guests.. but then we had to prepare for our Trunk or Treat & pumpkin carving!  Well, now that’s over & here comes another aspirant class!  Where do the days go?

So, for those that were anxiously awaiting.. holding their breath, here are Scott’s notes to the public version of Diaconate Formation – Weekend #2 – October 2011

I’m anxious to connect with the wives of the other aspirants.  I’m hoping that I’ll soon be able to have their contact information & then with Deacon Tim’s blessings (hint, hint), I can organize a “meet & greet” for us ladies!  I think it’s important for us to get together and discuss our experiences now that our hubbys have received this “calling”.

For Scott & I the changes are minor – we don’t have children at home and thankfully our business allows us to decide how much or how little time we put into it.  We’re blessed with an employee that handles all the day to day responsibilities.  I can’t imagine how the men with full time jobs & or with young children can handle this vocation.

The biggest change in our life is that I’ve had to kind of kick Scott out of our home.  Because he likes to work/study in total silence, I relocated him to our “RV” that’s parked at the office.  He does some of his studying in the house but when he had heavy duty stuff to read/study, it was better for him to isolate himself.  Not to mention that I cannot stand a quiet house!  Scott needs a total absence of sound to focus – something that drives me nuts!  So we compromised…  isn’t that what married life is about?

Stay tuned…  maybe I’ll post about class # 3 sooner than later…



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