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Bike Week 2013 – Come and gone…

Bike Week 2013 – Come and gone…

by Christine on March 18, 2013

I have a diversified life.  For instance, we’ve just spent the last 2 weeks in Daytona, Florida for the east coast’s largest yearly motorcycle rally where my aspirant husband Scott & I sell and install our Boogey Lights – the product of the company we own since 2001. Actually, he and I just sell & market our products and we have 2 great guys that work for us installing what customers buy.  Our business is mostly via online but twice a year (March & October), we head out to Daytona and do what we do best… promote our products!

This is a tough two weeks – almost as difficult emotionally as it is physically.  Working with this crowd can be very challenging, almost as much as it can be rewarding.  Although bikers can look as tough as nails, I think most of them aren’t.  They just look like they are. Many that I deal with look like convicts but after chatting with them, I’ll discover that they’re from all walks of life.  Doctors, lawyers, bankers, white collar, blue collar, etc., and yes, occasionally I will deal with a really tough guy.  But hey, if he’s interested in my products, I’ll sell to him and give him the same great service & products I provide any one of my customers!

As for the women, much can be said about them too.  And this is where I struggle the most with the sin I have the most difficulty staying away from.  Judging.  There, I said it. Yes, I do that (forgive me Jesus – note to self… bring this up the next time I’m in that little room with Fr. Soandso.)

I have to constantly remind myself that Jesus loves that woman as much as he loves me, even if her breasts and behind are exposed for the world to see!   The men walking with these women (see, I can’t even say, “ladies”), handle them like trophies… it’s like they’re saying to the men around them, “Look what I got!”…  As for the women, they seem to thrive on that.

I just don’t get it. Most of these girls are drop dead gorgeous.  They don’t need to be walking around half naked to get attention. But they do… I wonder, what’s in it for them, really?  To be seen as an object, to be used, disrespected publically (I’ve seen them groped by their “man” as they walk by groups of other men).  How can this bring them any kind of pleasure?

Can you tell this bothers me?  Last year I happened to be in the ladies room while one of these girls was primping & plumping and I started talking to her.  I didn’t even think about it really… I just told her how pretty she was and that she really didn’t need to dress that way to get attention. She didn’t care… she wanted to look sexy and have guys drool as she walked by… because that’s what the guys do.

I know God loves us all but I have to believe that sometimes He looks at us and just shakes His head asking , “How did my most beautiful & smartest creation (man & woman), get to this point?”

Maybe someday I’ll understand.  In the meantime I try not to stare and if our eyes do meet, I just smile and remember that God loves her too!

Now I do meet some really nice people.  For instance, there’s a fellow we’ve been seeing for a few years that walks around with a small, live alligator.  He runs a rescue for exotic animals – from reptiles to fawns and everything in between.  He makes extra money by having people get their pictures taken with the alligator.  You can tell this guy has a great passion for what he does but you can also tell that financially he could use some help.

photo-1Several years ago we purchased from Target a remote-controlled, scaled down replica of a Harley Davidson Road King.  I sometimes bring it out and folks walking by get a kick out of it – they kneel by it and have their friends snap pictures. Last year I turned down $250 for it!  Anyhow, I see our friend Critter walk by with his gator and I get this idea to lend him our mini Harley so he can set his gator on it for photo ops.

After watching how much attention (and tips), he was getting I realized why I had never sold the little Harley… it was meant for this purpose!  I walked over to Critter & told him he could have it as long as he never sold it.  I thought he was going to cry he was so happy!

We saw him again many times after this and he never failed to thank us over & over again! He carried the little Harley in a wagon and set up at various locations for folks to take pictures of his little gator sitting on it. This man was so happy that he almost made ME cry!  He later told us that he’d never made so much money and that he needed all the help he could – he had 156 animals at his shelter at this time!

Another of my favorite people I see in Daytona every year is Doug.  Several years ago we installed lights on his bike & he proceeded to tell me the story of his life. He comes to see us twice a year, brags about our products and calls me “Mom”.  Doug is a recovering alcoholic and he’s been to hell & back. He’s an active AA member & attends daily meetings. When I saw him last October he had a girlfriend, someone he knew from years back.  She too was an AA member & they were both so much in love. He told me that he had asked her to marry him but she was not ready. Well, Doug showed up alone last week with a broken heart but not a broken spirit.  He didn’t resort to alcohol to mend his heart but gave it to God & he knows he’ll be alright… he’s going make it.

Last year I slipped a little prayer card in his mug holder… last week, he came back just before we left, gave me a big hug & with tears in his eyes (he’s a very sensitive guy), thanked me for that little card. He figured out that I had put that in there & he said he looks at it often, thinks of me and our pep talks and it gives him strength…

THAT’s what Daytona is all about!

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